Giving access to a third party to your Github repository is a scary thing. Here's how we keep your data safe.
Your Code Doesn't Touch Our Servers
We never read, access, or modify your code at all. We only have access to the contents of your pull requests and your commit messages. 

We Limit Access To Your Data
Only a select group of people can access customer-specific data (beyond contact information), and we'll always ask permission before looking at any project-level data in your account. 

Limited Permissions
We only ask for the smallest set of permissions across third-party integrations, and audit quarterly our use and integrations with third-party systems (Github, Slack, etc)

We Take Security Seriously
We're developers too. We do the following best practices: 

  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Enforce Multi-factor Authentication internally
  • Use a 2-Factor app setup
  • Limit access to customer data

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